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Fresh Start Women's Center is dedicated to the personal, educational and economic development of women.  Fresh Start Women's Center will incorporate a holistic approach to assist the women.

The women served by our organization are diverse economically and educationally.  Economically, the women range from upper middle class to low income. Educational levels vary accordingly completion of college to high school dropouts. Statistics based around this diverse population has reflected depression, low self-esteem, limited employment opportunities, drug abuse, involvement with the criminal  justice system and other social concerns detrimental to the development of women.

Fresh Start Women's Center volunteer staff has taught Career Counseling Classes to the inmates at the Division of Corrections (Adult Offenders Center). 

Fresh Start Women Center incorporates a multi-program format designed to serve the specific needs of the women involved in the program.

Fresh Start Women Center has Certified Trainer to teach "Bridges Out Of Poverty".

History of Organization

Fresh Start Women's Center was founded by Brenda Lucket in May 2000, we are dedicated to the development of people through innovative nurturing concepts.  Our previous experience with addressing these issues have been primarily through the facilitating of group discussions for women.

Fresh Start Women has provided significant intervention services for women presently involved with the outreach programs and activities. Seminars such as Holistic Health 101, Women in History, Women in Literature, Millennium Career Fair have provided information and opportunities for women to attain the goals identified by Fresh Start. Noted educators, sociologist, literary scholars as well as collaborative partners facilitated each of the events.

Fresh Start clients participate in the recruitment, planning and implementation of the program activities.


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